xilinx品牌 XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I


Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-1FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX240T-1FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX240T-2FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX75T-1FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX75T-1FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX75T-2FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX75T-2FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX75T-1FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-1FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-2FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-L1FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX75T-1FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-1FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX75T-2FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-2FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-1FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-1FF484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-L1FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FF484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-1FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX75T-2FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-2FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-1FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-1FF784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-1FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FF784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-2FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-3FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-L1FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-L1FF484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-2FF484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX195T-1FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-L1FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FF484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-2FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-1FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FF1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-2FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-2FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-3FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-L1FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-L1FF784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX75T-2FF784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FF484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX195T-1FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-L1FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FF784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-1FFG1156I Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX195T-2FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX240T-1FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-2FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX195T-1FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FF784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-L1FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FF1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX195T-2FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX195T-1FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-3FFG484C Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-L1FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FFG484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA(23x23) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FF484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-L1FF484I Xilinx Inc 484-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX240T-1FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX130T-2FFG1156I Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX195T-1FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX240T-2FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FF1156I Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-1FFG1156I Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX240T-1FF784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX240T-1FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX195T-2FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX195T-L1FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX195T-1FFG1156I Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-3FFG784C Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-L1FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FF784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-L1FF784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX195T-2FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX240T-2FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VCX240T-1FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX195T-1FFG784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX195T-1FF784I Xilinx Inc 784-FCBGA 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX240T-1FF1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX195T-2FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX195T-L1FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-3FFG1156C Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-L1FFG1156I Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FFG1156I Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
XC6VLX130T-2FF1156I Xilinx Inc 1156-FCBGA(35x35) 全新原裝進口正品
New Avnet resource "From complexity to clarity" simplifies challenges in implementing embedded vision technologies
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 5 APRIL 2018 - Avnet Asia Pacific, together with Xilinx, the leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, have launched a new resource that is a series of global offerings that removes the complexities around new embedded vision technologies and innovations. "From Complexity to Clarity" will feature content and analysis from experts in the industry and a line-up of webinars and events that will be made available throughout the year, offering extensive support for designers and developers adopting Avnet’s System-on-Modules (SOMs) and development kits.
"Avnet has launched this campaign and information depository with Xilinx to provide customers with a reliable source of information that removes the complexity around embedded vision and its applications, and unlocks the full potential and capabilities of embedded vision to create next-generation systems," said Arthur Chung, director of supplier and product management, Avnet Asia. "Allowing machines to ’see’ by quickly extracting intelligence from images in real time is often a complex process because it depends on a host of sophisticated tools such as algorithms and image processing. By integrating Xilinx’s products into our design kits and reference designs, Avnet helps to simplify the design work and learning curve to help customers get to market faster."
So much of our world today is science fiction come true. Through embedded vision, replicating the human ability to take in visual information and process it in order to make decisions, has played a significant role in making ’technologies of the future’ a reality, with breakthrough applications including augmented reality and autonomous driving.
With its instrumental function for enabling machines to become smarter and more responsive, the market for embedded vision devices is forecast to exceed 460 million units by 2021, and reach US$18.7 billion by 2022.[1], [2]  Embedded vision can be found in many industries, such as industrial automation and healthcare, and Avnet has already developed a number of embedded vision applications which include:
Medical imaging equipment for the early detection of breast cancer
Robotic systems on high-speed production lined that learn to identify product defects
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to prevent collisions and warn against lane drifting
Octavius Lim, senior director channel sales of Xilinx APAC, said, "Embedded vision applications which simplify a common task are in themselves deeply complex, with multiple interactions between all the parts used. However, All-Programmable SOCs have brought more clarity to this complex process. Alongside Avnet, our combined breadth of technical expertise in this space allows us to comprehensively address the complexities of deployment and simplify the process for our customers through holistic solutions."
Xilinx, a leading provider of All Programmable products and technology, is one of Avnet’s long-standing technology suppliers. For more than 25 years, they have been delivering a comprehensive portfolio of All Programmable technology to Avnet’s broad customer base across a wide range of markets.
For more information about the campaign, visit https://digital.avnet.com/xilinxev/apac.
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